Division of Material Chemistry

Polimeric Materials
  • Solid Structure of Polymer
  • Crystallization of Rigid Polymer
  • Preparation of High Modulus and High Tenacity Fibers
  • Direct Observation of Macromolecular Chains
  • Development of Functional Material Using Superstructure of Crystalline Polymer
  • Development of Advanced Materials by Surface Interaction

Applied Catalysis

  • Evaluation of electrical and chemical properties of porous carbon materials
  • Dry processing for preparation of nano-size fine metal oxide particle
  • Surface analysis of porous carbon materials by potentiometric titration
  • Development of carbon-rubber composites for electromagnetic wave shielding application
  • Fundamental study on thermal degradation of nitropolymers and catalytic refinement of the degradation products
  • Fundamental study on thermal degradation of flame retardant plastics
  • Development of high performance metal-carbon composite catalysts from ion exchange resin
  • Photo catalytic oxidation of VOC with carbon based highly dispersed metal compound catalysts
  • Development of Separation Process by pervaporation with porous carbon membrane plate (PCMP)
  • Fundamental research on recycling process of wood biomass resources
  • Co-degradation of waste rubbers and waste plastics into fuel oil
  • Development of fine chemical synthesis process using carbon based highly dispersed metal compound catalysts
  • Development of catalysts for the sorptive decomposition of dioxin homologous compounds
  • Development of activated carbons for adsorbed methane storage device in vehicle application
  • Development of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) proccss for the separation of SF6

Particle-system Engineering

  • Material Recycling of Automobile Shredder Dusts
  • Dry Gravity Separation of Electric Household Appliances Shredder Dusts
  • Fundamental Investigation of Dry Gravity Separation for Recycling Concrete Waste
  • Numerical Simulation of Mixing-Segregation-Shift in Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed of Binary Particles
  • Stability of Floating and Sinking of Objects in Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed of Binary Particles
  • Visual Investigation of Floating and Sinking of Objects in Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed
  • Visual Investigation of Effects of Air Distributor on Dynamic Behavior in Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed
  • Dry Gravity Separation by Using Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed with Hydrophobic Particles
  • Adjustment of Apparent Density of Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed for Dry Gravity Separation of Various Objects
  • Shape Evolution of via Electrodeposition
  • Development of Lead Free Solder Pad Bump
  • Zno Thin Film Formation by Plasma CVD (P And N-Types)
  • Uniformity of Panel and Pattern Electrodeposition Used of The Build-Up PCB
  • Via Filing Electrodeposition of Through Plug Electrode Used for ASET Three Dimensional Packaging
  • Morphology Evolution of Copper Foil Electrodeposition
  • Development of High Aspect via Filling
  • Formation of Pt Electrode of High Dielectric Capacitor for Semi Conductors

Inorganic Materials

  • Development of High-Temperature Superconducting Oxides
  • Preparation and Properties of Advanced Ceramics Thin Films
  • Preparation and Properties of Metal-Based Nano-Composites and Corrosion-Resistant Composites
  • Development of Advanced Ceramics Materials by Soft Chemical Methods
  • Conservation Science on Archeological Objects of Metals and Ceramics

Division of Synthetic Chemistry

Solid State Chemistry

  • Studies on Interfacial Electrochemistry on Manganese Dioxies
  • Alloy deposition and complex formation in the plating bath
  • Studies on the compsite plating process
  • Analysis on the alloy plating behavior by Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance
  • Studies on the Mechanism of Dispersion/Aggregation Process and its Application for Ceramics Processing Design using by Ultrasonic Attenuation Spectroscopy
  • Studies on Super Magnetic Separation using by Colloid Chemical Technique
  • Physicochemical Study on Highly Concentrated Dispersion

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

  • Development of Environmentally Benign Organic Synthesis Using Enzymes
  • Theoretical Studies of Enzymatic Reactions and Their Application to Organic Synthesis
  • Design and Synthesis of Chiral Catalysts and Their Application to Enantioselective Reactions
  • Design and Synthesis of Useful Chiral Compounds
  • Synthesis of Supramolecules Mimicking Natural Functional Molecules

Organometallic Chemistry

  • Development of Highly Selective Synthetic Methods using Early Transition Metals
  • Activation of Metals and Its Synthetic Application
  • Creation of Novel Organometallic Reactive Species and Their Structure Determination
  • Development of Novel Catalytic Process

Molecular Transformation Chemistry

  • Electroorganic Synthesis
  • Organic Synthesis in Water
  • Development of Electron-Transfer Systems and Application
  • Development of New Intelligent Redox Organic Materials
  • Synthesis of Bioactive and Useful Natural Compounds
  • Involving Beta-Lactam Antibiotics, Jasmonoids, and Terpenoids

Molecular Design

  • Development of New Fluorinating Methods
  • Synthesis of Biologically Active Fluorine Compounds
  • Design of Fluorinated Synthetic Blocks
  • Property-Structure Relationships of Fluorinated Organic Compounds
  • Development of New Chiral Catalysts
  • Total Synthesis of Biologically Acitive Natural Products

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