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2021.04.05 Yuji and Jun’s paper was published on Org. Lett.!
2021.04.01 The list of group members was updated!
2021.03.25 graduation ceremony
2021.03.06 presentation of graduation thesises
2021.02.25 Ryuhei and Kazuki’s paper was published on Org. Lett.!
2021.02.17 Master thesis presentation !
2020.12.08 Yuji’s paper was published on Chem. Lett.!
2020.10.23 Professor Suga’s birthday party
2020.12.21 Nanae’s paper was selected and introduced on Synform
2020.10.03 proposal
2020.10.01 For a 3rd year undergraduate student, profile of Suga laboratory has been updated (Japanese only PDF).
2020.09.22 Nanae’s paper was published in Synlett!
2020.09.01 Prof. Takasu’s lecture
2020.06.09 Toki and Ren’s work was introduced on EurekAlert!
2020.04.01 Assistant Prof. Eisuke Sato has joined our group!
2020.04.01 The group members have been updated!
2020.03.30 Collaborative work was publishid in International Immunopharmacology
2020.03.25 graduation ceremony
2020.03.07 presentation of graduation thesises
2020.02.20 2020.01.25 Yonezawa, Matsuo, Inoue’s paper was accepted by Angew. Chem.!
2020.01.25 New Year’s Party

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