Suga Lab News

2016.10.21 Birthday party
2016.10.8 OBkai
2016.09.21 Lab trip
2016.07.21 Mr. Murakami, Mr. Shibasaki, and Mr Inada’s paper is published in Synlett!.
2016.07.9 Mr. Fujii’s paper (Nat Commun) was introduced on Synfact!
2016.06.30 proposal
2016.06.13 Our research is introduced in TCI website!
2016.06.11 recreation with Nishihara lab
2016.06.7 Mr. Fujii’s interview is appeared in Chem-Station.
2016.05.30 Mr. Fujii’s paper is appeared in Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan.
2016.05.25 Our research are appeared in Science newspaper.
2016.05.17 Collaborative work with Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Okayama University Graduate School of
Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences is appeared in Anticancer Research.
2016.05.9 Our research is appeared in SANYO newspaper.
2016.04.15 Press release of our research is appeared in the website
2016.04.15 Mr. Fujii, Mr. Yasuhara, and Mr Abe’s paper is appeared in Nature Communications.
2016.04.02 Cherry blossom viewing and BBQ
2016.03.25 Graduation Ceremony
2016.04.01 Group members were updated
2016.03.16 Farewell Party
2016.03.10 Presentation of Bachelor Thesis
2016.01.15 Ms. Kamimoto, Mr. Nakamura, and Ms. Tsutsumi’s paper published on Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry was selected as the inside cover picture.
2016.01.12 For a 3rd year undergraduate student, profile of Suga laboratory has been updated (Japanese only PDF).
2016.01.12 Ms. Kamimoto, Mr. Nakamura, and Ms. Tsutsumi’s paper was published on Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry.
2016.01.05 year-end party
2015.11.30 Mr. Inada was honored with Poster Award in CSJ West Japan Chemistry Forum 2015!
2015.11.24 Chiral Nucleophilic catalyst developed by our group was available from TCI Chemicals!
2015.11.12 Mr. Fujii was honored with Poster Award in The 5th CSJ Chemistry Festa!
2015.11.05 Ms. Mandai, Ms. Hanata’s paper was published on Tetrahedran.
2015.10.21 Professor Suga birthday party!
2014.09.19 Mr. Sato, Mr. Yamasaki, Ms. Kamimoto, and Mr. Goto’s paper was published on Organic Letters.
2015.09.16 Lab trip to Shodoshima!
2014.09.14 Mr. Fujiwara, Mr. Noda, and Mr Fujii’s paper are appeared in Organic Letters.
2015.08.06 Beergarden
2015.07.04 Proposal announcement and Encouragement rally
2015.06.26 Mr. Haisa was honored with Poster Award in The 39th Symposium on Electroorganic Chmiestry at Nagasaki!
2015.06.06 bowling & takyaki party
2014.07.12 Softball Tournament!
2015.05.15 professor Kenichiro Itami’s lecture
2015.04.27 Recreation with Nishihara lab
2015.04.06 Welcome party
2015.04.01 The list of group members was updated

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