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2019.08.09 Beergarden
2019.07.20 Softball
2019.07.12 Prof.Fensterbank’s lecture
2019.07.05 proposal
2018.06.28 Mr. Kurimoto was honored with the Poster Award in the 43rd Yuki-Denshi-Ido-Kagaku Toronkai!
2019.06.08 recreation

2019.04.12 Takayuki and Kazuki’s paper is published in Synlett!
2019.04.08 hanami
2019.04.01 Dr. Mandai moved to Gifu University of Medical Science!
2019.03.25 Graduation ceremony
2019.03.09 farewell party
2019.03.08 presentation of graduation thesises
2019.03.08 Keisuke’s paper is published in Org. Lett.!
2019.03.05 Prof. Njardarson’s lecture
2019.02.14 Dr Fujii’s paper is published in Chem. Eur. J!
2019.01.21 Dr. Mandai’s lecture
2019.01.21 New year’s party
2019.01.07 year-end party
2018.12.15 soccer
2018.11.28 wine party
2018.11.26 Collaborative work with Department of Pathophysiology-Periodontal Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University, and Department of Periodontics and Endodontics, Okayama University Hospital is appeared in Heliyon.
2018.11.26 Prof. Suga and Assoc. Prof. Mitsudo presented invited lectures in ISOR-13.

2018.11.05 An article regarding to the redox chemistry written by Assoc. Prof. Mitsudo was published in the special issue of CHEMICAL INDUSTRY (2018, Vol. 69, No. 11)
2018.07.31 Mr. Shigemori’s paper is published in Org. Lett.!
2018.10.18 Professor Suga’s birthday party
2018.10.13 Mr. Hongo’s paper is highlited in Synfact!.
2018.10.06 10th Anniversary Lecture and Alumni Association
2018.10.05 Mr. Ashihara’s paper is published in Chem. Lett.!
2018.09.18 For a 3rd year undergraduate student, profile of Suga laboratory has been updated (Japanese only PDF).
2018.09.18 10th Anniversary Lecture and Alumni Association
2018.09.13 Prof. Kakiuchi’s Lecture
2018.09.10 Mr. Hongo, Mr. Fujiwara, and Dr Fujii’s paper is published in Org. Lett.!.
2018.08.31 Lab trip
2018.08.29 Julie’s final presentation & farewell party
2018.08.08 beergarden
2018.07.31 Mr. Kurimoto’s paper is selected as a cover feature in Asian JOC!.
2018.07.25 Mr. Asada, Mr. Inada, and Mr. Kurimoto’s paper is published in Chem. Lett.!
2018.07.21 softball
2018.07.17 proposal
2018.07.11 Assist Prof Mandai was awarded Science and Technology Award from Okayama Foundation for Science and Technology
2018.06.28 Mr. Yoshioka was honored with the Best Presentation Award and Mr. Yonezawa was honored with the Poster Award in the 42nd Yuki-Denshi-Ido-Kagaku Toronkai!
2018.06.18 recreation
2018.06.07 A mini review on enantioselective acyl transfer reaction is published in Tetrahedron Letters!.
2018.06.04 Dr. Christian Hempel’s lecture
2018.05.26 A review on electro-organic combinatorial synthesis is published in Chemical Reviews!.
2018.05.24 Mr. Kurimoto’s paper is published in Asian J. Org. Chem.!.
2018.05.24 Mr. Yamamoto, Mr. Akagi, Mr. Yamashita, Mr. Haisa, Mr. Yoshioka, and Mr. Ueoka’s paper is published in Beilstein J. Org. Chem.!.
2018.04.14 hanami
2018.04.01 Group members were updated.
2018.03.23 Graduation
2018.03.16 Prof. Peter Dalko’s lecture
2018.03.15 Dr. Yi Hsiao’s lecture
2018.03.14 Farewell party
2018.03.13 Presentation of bachelor thesises
2018.02.20 Master thesis presentation
2018.01.22 Dr. Andrew Rutter’s lecture
2018.01.12 New year party

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